Pest Control Supplies in Bradenton, Brandon and Sarasota area Florida

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Safeguard your family with kid and pet-friendly, residential do-it-yourself pest control products from ECO®. This brand offers many types environmentally-safe pesticides, made from natural oils, consisting of clove and thyme. If you want a tougher, chemical-based formula, we sell Demand™ that kills ants, roaches, and wasps effectively.


Bug Busters Do It Yourself Pest Control also recommends Demand strictly for treating baseboards and outside perimeters. We help you eliminate fleas and bed bugs with sprays such as bedlam.

Make your yard a safer place with treatment using Talstar®. We sell granulate and concentrate forms that can be mixed and applied easily. Based on your environment and bug problem, we recommend this treatment 2 or 3 times a year for ideal results.


Save on pest control solutions for any pests in your place of business. We offer affordable products such as Bora-care®, Primis, Termidor, and Talstar that provide lasting control of ants, termites, and roaches.

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